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As the Founding Product Designer at Alleo,  I've had the opportunity to play a foundational role in shaping the user experience and user interface for the SaaS platform pre and post-launch. Alleo is a startup whose software is used globally by Fortune 500 companies & governmental organizations. My expertise in UX/UI design, digital marketing, and collaboration with cross-functional teams led to improved user satisfaction and increased product engagement.

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Design Process in a Fast-Paced Startup Environment

As the sole UX designer for the Alleo product, I work closely with the Director of Product Management to create high-fidelity rapid prototypes using Figma. The fast-paced nature of the startup environment and limited resources demand an efficient design process. Developing interactive mobile and web prototypes allows me to effectively communicate design concepts to stakeholders and developers, streamlining collaboration and ensuring a seamless transition from design to development.


Research & Planning
User-Centered Design with Analysis and Evaluation
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Research and testing form the foundation of my user-centered design approach. By utilizing techniques such as heuristic evaluation, competitive analysis, information architecture mapping, user flows, usability testing, etc. I gather valuable insights into user needs and pain points. This information enables me to create designs that not only meet user expectations but also provide an engaging and intuitive experience, even with the constraints of a fast-moving startup.

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Laying the Foundations for Intuitive and Engaging Experiences

Strategic planning and wireframing are crucial to shaping the structure and flow of my designs. I sketch out wireframes and user flows to establish a solid framework for the user experience, ensuring consistency and cohesion throughout the product. This process helps me create interfaces that are easy to navigate and allow users to accomplish their goals with minimal friction, despite the challenges of working in a resource-limited environment.

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