Winter Fashion This Season

Winter Fashion This Season

Sabrina here and can you believe Thanksgiving is over?! Christmas is right around the corner (brrr) and I've put together some fashion favorites that I love. Don't get me wrong, I will always be a summer lovin' kind of girl but layering chunky sweaters and bundling up gets me excited. Luckily enough, I work at an awesome boutique ( so I get to see all the latest trends of season. I'm constantly debating in my head "Don't get it, don't get it, don't get it... oh but it is s'cute. Okay, I'm getting it but nothing else.... OOOH look!" Anyway, take a look at these adorable pieces I've been swooning over.


So these Frye boots may be a little expensive but they are worth it! You can pair this with almost any winter outfit and they last forever. But if you're like me (ballin' on a budget over here) then these next boots are your best bet.


The price is much more reasonable and they are just as versatile. All riding boots get a win from me.


Oh yass! These faux leather leggings are ALL THE RAGE in my book. When Brandi and I went to market in Atlanta, I was on the HUNT for leather leggings. Because I am a thicker girl, faux leather leggings have to be just right. They can't be too shiny or then they start looking like plastic. These are absolutely perfect. I wore this for Thanksgiving because I needed the stretch but style as well. They don't hold in heat like a lot of leather leggings and they don't stick to you either. A staple in my closet!


First, shout-out to our newest employee, Janelle. Isn't she beautiful?! Now, this sweater is selling like crazy here at Eliza Ash and I get why. It's extremely soft and just chunky enough. You can pair it was jeans and boots and call it a day!


I used to HATE beanies. Genuinely, I would never put one on my head. I had this irrational fear that beanies would make me look like a boy. Then one day here, at Eliza Ash,  I had to wear a few for photos. As you can tell by the picture, I felt so awkward so I tried to lighten it up with a funny face. Then I noticed, I really might like these. I wore a couple other colors around in the store and started to really really like them.... then I bought them. I figured out that when you pair the beanies with a super cute outfit, it ties it all together. It goes to show, try things you thought you would never like! You will find things that you thought would never work (cough chokers cough).


I remember when I was in high school, my parents took me to NYC. While walking around, there was this woman, waving for a cab, and she was wearing a long black and white striped peacoat. She had the big sunglasses and designer handbag with red-bottom heels (double swoon). It was like a Sex In The City fashion moment for me and ever since then, I love long coats. There is something so classy about this piece and I can never get enough. The day it came through the store, I knew I had to snag it. And like everything else, I did.


Here at Eliza Ash, we're big fans of Nasty Gal, in particular, Sophia Amoruso (#GirlBoss). I'm always on the hunt for something sparkly or shimmery for New Years and this dress totally caught my eye. I would, of course, throw over a long peacoat and some black heels and hit the party. We have something very similar here at Eliza Ash shown below.


I love love love this dress and it may just be my dress for the holidays, stay tuned. :)

These were just a few of my favorites, I have plenty more. Fill me in on a few of your go-to items so I can check it out! Leave some comments, follow us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Message us and say hello or stop by the store. I love talking to you guys, but ya'll already knew that ;)




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