No Tricks Just TREATS

No Tricks Just TREATS

Hi hi hi! Sabrina here, coming from the little room in the back of Eliza Ash Boutique where the steamer is still warm and the boxes of new arrivals are never ending. The scariest thing about Halloween this year is the fact that it’s already here! If you’re at all like me, you’re a Grade A procrastinator. Typically around this time, I wait until the weekend of to start preparing my Halloween costumes. By preparing I mean go to the local Halloween store and pay a RIDICULOUS amount for a costume that I will never wear again. Four years ago in college, I paid $70 (grocery money) for a lady bug outfit that was made of two pieces of fabric and some red wings. NO THANK YOU. In efforts to completely avoid such a disastrous purchase again, Jordan, Brandi, Michelle and I have come up with some costumes our customers can make out of our clothes! This means that yes, while you use a fur vest to dress as a deer or fox for Halloween, you can also use the same vest to dress up your outfit next weekend when you hit the town. So, here are just a couple of outfits we came up with. If you like (love love love) this idea, stop by and we can help you come up with something fun and versatile. HAPPY COSTUME HUNTING LADIES!


Is Jordan not the cutest? We were going for a 70’s hippie vibe. Our Tractor Blue bell bottom jeans with our mustard bell sleeve blouse and fringe booties worked perfectly. Jordan tied it all together with a burgundy tie-up choker and a fringe purse. Yeahhh man


Don’t mind the face, it was the best evil look I could give. I wore this scandalous deep V lace dress. You can pair it with black heels or pointy tie-up flats and a devil accessory set you can get, inexpensive, at any costume store.


The classic witch costume! I love this one especially (Sabrina the Teenage Witch).  Jordan used a long fitted t-shirt dress with a lightweight fringe cardigan. She used tie-up pointy flats and a one of a kind red broom.


This look is so versatile. You can be a bunny, mouse, fox, deer, etc. Jordan used a long-sleeve piko dress (we have them in tons of colors), our popular fur vest (in two colors), and our pointy tie-up flats.



Oh HAYY cowgirl! Jordan tied up this flannel shirt and wore our lace and denim shorts to pull this outfit together. Throw on some boots and you’re ready to ride.


Can you keep a secret? Jordan became a night-robber in this cute striped dress, pointy tie-up flats, and black beanie. LOVE THIS!

That’s it folks! After doing this, I realized how easy it really is to make a costume. The best part is that you can re-wear the items again. SCORE! Thanks for reading today, I hope you have a SAFE and FUN weekend. We are open from 10-6 everyday except Sunday’s. Come see us or check us out online at Let us know what you come up with this weekend and watch out for clowns🙂



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