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Fall is fast approaching and I couldn’t be happier!  We love you Summer but it’s time to take a break from the heat!  It’s even kinda nice to skip: a pedi, shaving daily, and saying no to those decadent desserts! 

There just seems to be so much nostalgia during this time of year.  The scent and feel of the cool, crisp air brings back so many childhood memories for me.  Growing up in Maine I remember beautiful colors, hot cider, and playing in the leaf piles!  It was a time to go back to school and see our friends and think, “this year I’m going to stay organized!”.  Yeah…that didn’t happen, but anyway…

Ok, I guess I should get back to the present.  Where was I?  Oh yeah…the reason I’m so happy about the fall! 

#1 Chunky sweaters!  We can never get enough of these bad boys.  They take up so much room in my closet but I don’t care!  They are so worth it!  My favorite style of the season is ponchos.  They are perfect for layering because they are easy to put on and take off.  They are also very comfortable and forgiving!  Just be careful when looking for yours this season.  Not all ponchos work on all body types!    For a more flattering fit try our Blanket Cardigan Sweater.  I’m short and very curvy and love how it looks!  I’ll send you a pic if you don’t believe me!

#2 Booties!  I struggled with these things for years!  I never could figure out how to wear them!  That is, until I found this article at http://theeverygirl.com/how-to-wear-ankle-booties  and now I’m obsessed!  Booties are the choice shoe of the season and pair perfectly with jeans, pants, skirts, and dresses!  Let your fashion sense kick in…the possibilities are endless!

#OVER-SIZED Scarves!  I have three different styles of these Blanket Scarves in my car!  They go with anything and I can grab one to fight off a chill.  Don’t leave home without it!

Of course there are so many more reasons to love this time of year…roaring fires, hot cocoa, the holidays, and more opportunities to see family and friends!  I hope you’re ready for fun and shopping and all the other good things that are right around the corner!  Hugs and kisses my friends!



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