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I’m from the northeast. I never really thought much about that until I moved to the south. Wake Forest, NC to be exact. Well, did you know there was a difference? And they don’t let you forget it! I always get a funny look just before they call me a Yankee.

There’s a lot about the south I was not aware of and I’m still trying to figure it out. Most of it is good. They are much more laid back and hospitable. They wave as you drive by in your car and say hi to you when you walk up to their register. They tend to take their time and don’t like to rush things. It took some getting used to but I find I like it here. A lot!

However, I’m still trying to figure out their fashion. Southerners are not as quick to pick up on latest trends. When I first started buying for my boutique I would search through all the fashion magazines to find the latest styles and get them for my shop. These things would then sit on the shelf for a loooong time. I didn’t get it. Then two years later I would see tons of girls wearing the exact same thing.

Another thing I found is that when they find something they like, it NEVER goes out of style. Uggs, Jack Rogers, chevron, monogram are just a few of their favorite things! So what’s a boutique owner to do? Conform. Though I still refuse to jump on the chevron/monogram bandwagon, I have found pieces that suit their fun, feminine, and country girl style. Southern girls are beautiful and they love their fashion. And let me tell you…they can really rock their cowgirl boots!

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