Fun Fact!

I bet most of you don't know how Brandi & I actually got started with the idea of Eliza Ash. We watched this {terrible} movie together, and the mom owned a women's clothing boutique that was miserably failing and employees were stealing from her, so naturally we turned to each other and said, "It would be really fun to own a boutique!" I went back to school and the next week I texted her saying, "Ya know...we should really do some research on this. I think we can do it!"

We launched online that Fall in September of 2012, rented a booth space in the Cotton Company Downtown Wake Forest in 2013, then had 2 booth spaces in the Cotton Company in 2014, and moved into our current location in our own brick and mortar in December of 2015! Success does not happen over night, but when you give two women some wine and an idea, they're sure to make something possible!



Jordan Turnbo

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