How's the weather out there?

Welcome to our newest blog series where we will give you a behind-the-scenes and unscripted look into our lives! Before you assume this will be all about us, let me tell you it won't. Of course we might share a few personal details here and there, but these posts will mostly come from our inspiration - you - our customers! Maybe that interests you, maybe not, but we'll have fun regardless. 

I'm sure those of you who have visited our new store can attest to the fact that we like to talk. We usually try to pick up on whether or not you like it as much as we do, but forgive us if we ask you about the weather. Although, we genuinely do want to know! So next time you stop by to shop, grab a complimentary cup of joe and stay a little longer. Update us on what's going on outside of fashion and I'm willing to bet you if you hang out long enough Brandi will let a corny joke slip - let's see if she actually reads my posts :-P

We're off to Atlanta Market tomorrow and have high expectations for the weekend and all that we'll find! Keep a look out on our social media channels - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Snapchat - for Be the Buyer posts where YOU get to choose what we bring home! In the meantime, head over to to check out our new arrivals that we got this week!



Jordan Turnbo

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